Gold Hunter


The deepest that a Classic metal detector with AR object visualization can detect is approximately 1m or 40 inches. But detection depth depends on various circumstances, for example, the material and size of the target. The great factor in detection depth is soil material and its magnetization.

Old design Search Coil Metal Detector NO AR object visualizat >>>>>

Gold metal detector that visualizes buried metals on your smartphone. 

Metal detectors can be waterproof, this is a very important feature, most of the detectors can be used in wet areas but this doesn't mean they can be used in the water. When we talk about waterproof metal detectors we refer to the search coil and the rod of the detector. This allows us to place the search coil in the water(rivers, streams, ponds).  But this kind of waterproof metal detector cant is used underwater when scuba diving.

See what i found the TreasureHunter3D. Which can displays buried objects in a ground environment with your smartphone.

Choose which want suitable for your operation null3D Metal Detectors or Drone Scanner Detector displays buried objects in a real-world environment.